Yuanzong Nan Comments: LED must overcome traditional stereotypes

Yuanzong Nan Comments: LED must overcome traditional stereotypes At this stage, architectural lighting is still the main field of LED applications. With the continuous improvement of technology and the elimination of various heat dissipation problems, its growth rate is expected to grow rapidly. How to correctly allocate the proportion of LED lamps and traditional lamps in the lighting plan in the future has become a major challenge for designers and manufacturers in terms of ideals and practices. Particularly in the choice between the two, LED must overcome traditional stereotypes.

In different fields, LED development trends can be divided into seven major themes:

1. Replaces existing light source product 2. Architectural lighting (the largest block of LED applications)

3. Font / contour lighting 4. Retail display lighting 5 . Entertainment lighting 6. Outdoor lighting 7. Commercial/Industrial Lighting Replacing Existing Light Source Products Without replacing the lamps, LED replaces the traditional light source, allowing the public to replace the light bulb and increase acceptance. Although the initial purchase cost is high, the future maintenance costs are low and the energy saving effect can be immediately realized. Due to the limitation of the volume or the problem with the lamp holder, the LED is reduced in its luminous efficiency and luminous flux. At the same time, the color rendering performance is still not mature, and the technology still needs to be improved.

The price of architectural lighting outdoor LED is still within the acceptable range. With the increase of luminous flux and luminous efficiency, outdoor LED can be used in applications where color change is needed, plus the Beijing Olympics and the Shanghai World Expo. This has contributed to the promotion of LED development.

Font lights/contour lighting belong to the second largest application field of LED lighting; due to the high erection height of the font lights and the difficulty in maintenance, their long life, high brightness and small size have advantages in this respect. Although the LED light is easily affected by the surrounding light source, it is less subject to this limitation.

In addition to the need for a wide range of lighting, retail display lighting in this area needs to be able to show the characteristics of the product. For the current LED products, the advantages of lower temperature and smaller volume can be utilized to apply to the local lighting, for example, in the application of high-quality display cases.

Outdoor lighting LED outdoor lighting applications, such as street lights, street lights, Parking Lot Lights, park lights, etc., due to administrative regulations, there are its own regulations, such as the luminous flux, luminous efficiency requirements, although some with traditional light sources The gap, but the LED technology is becoming more and more sophisticated, the form of the reflector and the luminous efficiency of the wafer are slowly increasing, and there will be an amazing potential for growth in the future.

Commercial/industrial lighting Entertainment lighting is mainly focused on making LEDs as focusing lights, theatrical dome lights or LED light strips. Compared with traditional light sources, LEDs have the advantages of light color, color temperature, and color rendering. Change and long life. As the commercial space is a regular replacement of interior decoration, it is still based on low-cost and high-efficiency traditional light sources, so the application of LED in this block will face the technical and price test.

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