Producer B talks about "Radiation 4" VR: Classic VATS System

B producer's talk about "Radiation 4" VR: Classic VATS system likes it from Baidu VR

When E3 released E3 last year, it released a demo version of "Radiation 4" VR. According to the experience of the testers, the game should still be in the early stage of development. The overall situation is rough and the function is relatively small. Todd Howard, producer of the latest B group, revealed some new developments in game development to the media Glixel. He also said that the classic VATS system in radiance will be very good on VR devices. Effect.

"Pip-boy is on your wrist. We've got it done, so it's the same as you think. You see it, it's there. The game is slower than many games. This is for us. It helps, but we have VATS so you can slow down and make the world temporarily."

VATS is an automatic sighting system in "Radiation 4". Turning VATS on during combat will slow down the passage of time.

"I guarantee that VATS on VR is great and we like it."

"Radiation 4" has a huge game world. Examining the world in VR is a problem that developers are now facing.

"Exercise is definitely a tough part, I admit. Taking into account the size of the world and you are constantly moving in the radiation 4, so this part is tricky. Now we are doing things in time and space transmission, the effect is pretty good, but we are Experiment with a few others."

Mobile in VR has always been a problem. Last year, E3's demo version of "Radiation" had only a simple mobile function on the VR. It was operated with a handle and was said to be slow. "There are a lot of independent developers and students studying prototypes and considering how to move in VR, we are paying attention to them."

Radio VR has not yet confirmed the release date, but the official announcement of the configuration requirements a few days ago, and Todd Howard also said that "the game can be played from scratch to the end", in general, should have news quickly.

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