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Time: August 26 - August 28, 2009 (Wednesday to Friday) Venue: (Shanghai)
Registration process: receiving invitation letter, return receipt, receipt of notification letter, confirmation list, remittance

I. Training Objectives: This class is the "Electric Light Source Engineer" course series (2). The topic is your concern and hope to understand!

"If LED lighting is a submarine deposit, then the electrodeless lamp is an open-pit gold mine." This is the industry's evaluation of the electrodeless lamp. The reason why it is called “open-air gold mine” is because the market of the electrodeless lamp has a huge capacity, the input-output ratio of the enterprise is large, and there are many opportunities for enterprises to become bigger and stronger in this field. However, the market for induction lamps is still in its infancy, with many advantages and problems. Only by seeing the advantages and overcoming the problems can we become popular and grow stronger.

Induction lamps and LEDs are new light sources that have been rapidly developed in recent years and gradually accepted by the market. They are good products for energy saving and environmental protection. In recent years, LED lighting has played a very good lighting effect in indoor lighting and outdoor advertising and landscape lighting, adding a harmonious and beautiful color to the city. The electrodeless lamp has an increasingly important role in energy saving because of its unique light source advantages and the first lamp that is perfectly suited to its advantageous characteristics. To this end, the Lighting Engineer Community Talent Training Center and the China Lighting Electrical Appliances Association Talent Training Committee held a three-day 2009 "Induction Lamp Energy Saving Technology and Product Application" training course in Shanghai from August 26th to 28th.

Second, the participants:
1. Relevant professionals and representatives from all walks of life such as production, administration, study, research, use, and capital;
2. Representatives of municipal road lighting authorities, design institutes, street lighting offices and lighting engineering companies;
3. R&D, manufacturing, design personnel and relevant persons in charge of the induction lamp and lighting source;
4. Personnel in the fields of application, distribution, circulation and investment of green lighting energy-saving products;

Third, the course features:

Famous school professors and professors in person to teach the actual case on-site analysis of a full set of video materials with field visits, rich industry senior seniors, in-depth explanations, teachers and students on-site exchange interactive network platform long-term support teaching environment comfortable and quiet

Fourth, training income:

With three days of training you will be able to get the following benefits:
(1) It can comprehensively and comprehensively grasp the relevant professional knowledge and skills of the principle characteristics of the electrodeless lamp and product technology;
(2) The combination of theory and practice is enough to enable each student to learn the real knowledge of lighting technology and apply what they have learned to improve the overall product design and application level;
(3) Through a half-day expert keynote speech, on-site guests and students, experts to interact and exchange, the latest product experience on the spot; provide a good cooperation and learning platform for participants;
(4) In addition to learning in the classroom, we also provide visits to factories or lighting laboratories, which can fully enable students to provide more relevant professional knowledge and knowledge, etc.;

V. Course content:

Time course topic syllabus

Wednesday, 8/26


Principle of electrodeless lamp and detailed technical process
A, the principle, type and main characteristics of the electrodeless discharge lamp;
B, the working principle and technical characteristics of the electrodeless lamp;
C, the characteristics of the source of the electrodeless discharge lamp
D, technical points and process explanation of the electrodeless lamp;
E, the description of the performance of the electrodeless lamp and other light sources;

in the afternoon

Induction lamp ballast technology and lamp design
A, light source design points;
B, light efficiency analysis;
C, lighting design requirements;
D, ballast (dimming ballast) design;
E, installation requirements and precautions for the induction lamp system and its supporting lamps;
F, high-frequency generator circuit design and principle analysis night visit factory / lighting laboratory / national electric light source testing center / Shanghai lighting control center

Thursday, 8/27


The latest manufacturing technology and material process analysis of induction lamps
Detailed explanation of A, phosphor materials and powder coating technology;
B, detailed explanation of glass materials and processing technology;
C, the description of the exhaust technology of the electrodeless lamp;
D, equipment development and design;
E, testing equipment and process technology explanation;

in the afternoon
2009 "New Light Source Innovation Technology and Application Forum" Salon Topic 1: New Light Source Induction Lamp, LED Related Standards / Specifications (Compilation and Proposal)
Topic 2: The same 21st century green new light source
(Opinion PK: Induction lamp VS High pressure sodium lamp VS LED lighting) Who is the deer?
Topic 3: How far is the spring of the electrodeless lamp?
(Technology maturity, R&D expenses, product production costs, market promotion and others)
Topic 4: A new model of LED lighting demonstration application at home and abroad

8/28, Friday

Morning electrodeless lamp development trend and application technology
A. Explain the development trend and technical advantages of the electrodeless lamp;
B. Market research and analysis;
C. (Example analysis) Comparison of induction lamp and metal halide lamp (high pressure sodium lamp) and LED lighting
D. The advantages and application range of the electrodeless lamp relative to the metal halide lamp (high pressure sodium lamp);
E. Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the development of induction lamps by actual cases;
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Sixth, course fees
3200 yuan / person [cost includes: (training materials, reference materials, learning CD, meals, refreshments, fruits, gifts, dinner, visits, seminars, photo, certificate)]
If you need to take our courses, please send us a confirmation by fax no. 021-51685525 or E-mail: before August 15, 2009, in order to arrange accommodation.

Registration hotline; 55888011
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Shun Zhu Shang

China Lighting Association Talent Training Committee Lighting Engineer Community Talent Training Center
July 28, 2009

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