3D fingerprint access control is slightly better than traditional access control?

In order to prevent theft, many companies and communities have adopted electronic access control systems, mainly based on card access control systems. With the news that the access control card was copied at random in many communities in the past two years, the user questioned the safety factor of the card access control system. A safer access control system is in urgent need of access to the access control market.


Fingerprint access control and credit card access control

The traditional swipe-type access control issued access cards for authorized users, but the access control card technology is too simple and easy to be copied. Those who have access control cards are no longer limited to legal users, and the access control system is difficult to play the role of anti-theft.

Faced with the common electronic access control system, the most easily cracked authentication method for thieves is undoubtedly the password input, especially for the elderly or children, the thief can easily peek or put out the access password, at this time the password is safe. The guarantee index is almost zero. Although the access control card can be kept by the user, the current flooding of the access control card and the low cost make the access control card almost a kind of display. The thieves can easily obtain a copy of the access control card and enter and exit the building at will.

The new access control system uses biometric technology to lock the authority on legal users. Biometric recognition is based on people's unique biological characteristics, unlike the access control card, which can be copied at will, among which the fingerprint access control system is the most representative.

The earliest application of fingerprint identification system and the detection of police suspects have been more than 30 years old, which laid a good technical foundation for the research and practice of fingerprint identification. In particular, the current fingerprint identification system has reached the stage of convenient operation, accurate and reliable, and moderate price, and is gradually being applied to the civilian market.

Fingerprint access control replaces the traditional key with a finger. When you use it, you can simply put your finger on the acquisition window of the fingerprint collector to complete the unlocking task. The operation is very simple and avoids other access control systems (traditional mechanical lock, password lock, recognition). Cards, etc.) may be falsified, stolen, forgotten, and deciphered. The form of fingerprint verification makes the thief basically unable to start, because the "key" used by the user is his own fingerprint. If the thief wants to enter the room, unless there is a fingerprint identical to others, this is almost impossible.

However, the so-called best thief has its own superiority. In the face of the fingerprint access control system, some people use silicone to make fingerprint copies, which are used to pretend to be true users. This trick even directly inspired people in the workplace to use fingerprint film sets to punch cards.

3D fingerprint recognition makes access control safer

As the fingerprint recognition technology changes from the traditional 2D recognition to the 3D stereo recognition technology, it indicates that the user has higher security and functional expectations for the access control system. 3D fingerprint access control has a greater advantage in recognition rate than flat optical fingerprint access control.

3D live fingerprint recognition makes the access control system more stable, because the recognition problem caused by the abnormality of the user's fingers will be greatly reduced. The access control system has better recognition ability for acquaintances. It can adapt to fingerprints of different kinds of skin conditions. Users do not have to worry about fingerprints being unrecognizable due to broken or dry fingers. As long as the permission fingerprint is collected in advance, you can enjoy the efficient fingerprint access control function under any circumstances. The fingerprint reader can maintain a high recognition rate of at least 5 years, and there is no low response due to continuous use. As the administrator of the fingerprint access control system, you can check the usage status of the access control system at any time through the computer, and master the information of the entry and exit personnel.

The function of the fingerprint access control system is also reflected in the blocking of strangers, that is, non-authorities. The access control system plays an important role in access control. One of the important factors is to prevent strangers from entering the access control area at will. In a common optical fingerprinting system, strangers may use artificial fingerprints to achieve access to the access area. This is because artificial fingerprints replicate the fingerprints of others and become a highly realistic replica.

Optical fingerprint readers cannot distinguish between a real fingerprint or a fingerprint replica. The 3D fingerprint access control system eliminates the characteristics of strangers more prominently, because it has the characteristics of living recognition, and can eliminate all non-living fingerprints without recognition. This advantage will maliciously make the fingerprint film sleeve, and the possibility of entering the private area is completely eliminated to ensure the safety of the user.

Biometric technology has always been a powerful assistant in the field of security. The fingerprint access control system is a typical embodiment of biometric security applications and is gradually becoming popular. Not only because of the user's anti-theft needs, but also because of the growing awareness of citizens' privacy. Access control systems come in many forms, but the most central function is theft. The traditional swipe-type access control, the verification method is omission, the prevention is not tight enough, and it can not meet the user's needs, so it is gradually eliminated. The newly-developed 3D fingerprint access control system is more comprehensive in design, which makes up for the shortcomings of the traditional access control system from different angles, and has a comprehensive protection surface, which has attracted the attention of users.

Community families, as the most important harbor for people to recuperate, must have a safe and comfortable living environment. Therefore, in the application of access control technology, the application of more reasonable and efficient identification technology in the community will become more popular.


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