"Great security" under the Internet of Things technology

The Internet of Things is an important part of the new generation of information technology and an important stage of development in the era of "informatization." Relying on numerous technological innovations, the Internet of Things is becoming a master of the entire scientific and technological information in a compatible and inclusive manner, changing the pace of progress of the entire society. From Industry 4.0 to smart cities, from intelligent transportation to smart homes, from cloud computing to big data, from smart sensors to smart analysis, from drones to robots, smart wear, etc., based on IoT technology, Subvert our perception of the social economy.

For the meaning of the Internet of Things, the benevolent sees the wise and sees wisdom. In general, there are two meanings: First, the core and foundation of the Internet of Things is still the Internet, which is an extension and expansion network based on the Internet; Second, its users The extension extends and extends between any item and item for information exchange and communication, that is, the object meets. The Internet of Things is widely used in the convergence of networks through communication-aware technologies such as intelligent sensing, identification technology and pervasive computing. It is also called the third wave of the development of the world information industry after computers and the Internet. The Internet of Things is the application expansion of the Internet. It is not so much that the Internet of Things is a network, but the Internet of Things is a business and application. The development of the Internet of Things is driven by applications, and the ultimate goal of developing the Internet of Things is to apply it. There are many applications in the Internet of Things, among which more than 70% of the application subsystems of the Internet of Things are systems in the field of public security. The public security field can be said to be the most important field for the Internet of Things to play its application. Zhang Yu, China's chief technology officer of the Internet of Things Division, said at the 2015 IoT Developers Conference that security has a large share of the Internet of Things applications.

From the current point of view, in most sudden public safety incidents, pre-scheduled presuppositions and scenario arrangements are often not made, because many emergencies occur not because of the fundamental problems of order maintenance at the scene, but other The psychological, man-made, climatic, and even temporary sounds, images, communications, etc. related to order are short-term changes, and the management of the site does not have the ability to fully grasp these small changes in many cases, and finally pass the time. Procrastination and fermentation have gradually caused irreparable consequences.

To avoid dangers, infringements, and accidents, you need to be prepared and guarded to cope with attacks or avoid damage, so that the protected objects are in a safe state. In public safety management, security is the purpose, prevention is the means, and the purpose of security is achieved or achieved through means of prevention. For public security incidents, security precautions are pre-warning, and IoT technology can meet this demand. Taking public safety monitoring of the Internet of Things as an example, the public security monitoring field has a wide coverage, many monitoring indicators, high continuity requirements, and the environment is not suitable for manual monitoring, and the perceived information content is closely related to the lives of the people. The Internet of Things technology, especially the sensor network technology, constructs an information system project composed of a sensing layer, a network layer and an application layer. The monitoring of public safety mainly includes monitoring the safety of various production scenarios, monitoring the safety of producers, monitoring the safety of specific items, monitoring the crowded places, monitoring the important equipment and facilities, and handling the scenes and personnel during the emergency response. , information collection of items, etc. Once an abnormality occurs in various equipment personnel, the corresponding sensor can discover and collect various information in time, and promptly provide early warning to achieve the purpose of security prevention.

Internet of Things technology is an important means of future security. Li Zhongnan, a researcher at the First Institute of the Ministry of Public Security and a senior expert in the security industry, said in an interview with the China Security Industry Network that the Internet of Things and security are inextricably linked. Security is the best application environment for the Internet of Things concept. For the security industry, networking has all the elements of the security industry, real-time perception, accurate positioning, and effective control, which is a perfect security system. The Internet of Things will promote the development of multiple subdivisions in the traditional security field, and it will also promote security to move into more areas, and promote the concept of big security to further penetrate the hearts of the people. Researcher Li Zhongnan also said that the current application of security is mainly based on the concept planning and design system of the Internet of Things. Not a mature product and system, many key technologies will achieve breakthroughs in the security field, but the real Internet of Things may be implemented in security systems earlier.

Researcher Li Zhongnan used examples to illustrate the application of the Internet of Things in the security field. He pointed out that by laying the sensing equipment in key core urban areas and occasions, it is possible to comprehensively evaluate the concentration and distribution of people at a certain time and place. The flow situation, and then timely feedback to the centralized back-office, using the analysis function of big data, predict in advance the possible traffic congestion and the distribution of people flow, to avoid the occurrence of various security incidents.

As sensor technology continues to mature, sensor costs are gradually declining, bringing more possibilities to the Internet of Everything. Researcher Li Zhongnan said that in the security industry, video surveillance systems are most likely to become an important entry point for the Internet of Things. Firstly, based on the construction of safe cities, video surveillance is widely distributed in cities, and various types of sensors installed in cameras are Environmental monitoring, urban management, and emergency disaster prevention have been widely used.

In the primary application of the concept of Internet of Things in the field of video surveillance, there is a preliminary plan for the planning of municipal management in a certain area of ​​the city, relying on the acquisition sensor on the camera side, plus the intelligent analysis function of the back-end server. It can realize intelligent early warning of municipal management work in this area, such as the seizure of sewer manhole covers, mudslides/floods, traffic jams, crowds and other phenomena for background monitoring and early warning.

In addition to urban safety management, the Internet of Things also plays a greater role in the field of food safety. Modern information technology featuring the Internet of Things, traceability monitoring of agricultural products and foods relies on information sensing devices and technologies such as radio frequency identification (RFID), infrared sensors, global positioning systems, and laser scanners that have been formed. And communication technology, through the intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring and management of the whole life cycle and the whole process of agricultural products and food, establish a traceability mechanism. At present, the Ministry of Commerce is promoting the use of the Internet of Things technology to build a traceability system for agricultural products, to achieve the tracking, inventory and control functions of agricultural products, and to conduct effective full-process quality monitoring to ensure the safety of agricultural products.

The Internet of Things can also be used in the fields of agricultural production environment monitoring, agricultural production process monitoring and agricultural product quality testing. Whether the soil is polluted, whether the livestock and poultry are healthy, and even the quality of the fruit can be clearly understood from the Internet of Things. . Through the construction of the food safety Internet of Things, the integration of “management, control, and battalion” of “efficient, energy-saving, safe, and environmentally friendly” of food is realized.

In the era of social transformation and change, public security has received more and more attention from the state, from national security to public security, to urban security, public transportation safety, food safety, and security in some sub-sectors. We will start to strengthen it. The so-called "great security" requires "great security." With the maturity of the Internet of Things technology, the Internet of Things, as a component of basic information technology, can realize the connection between things and things, things and people, and all items and networks. Easy to identify, manage and control, which will make the Internet of Things play a pivotal role in building a large security.

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