How to use LED to achieve a sense of technology?

[Text / high-tech LED Yue Mengdi] Friends who like cars will find that the current lights are getting better and better. Take Audi as an example. The headlights of its series are the first to introduce LEDs, and the streamlines are more beautiful. The sense of science and technology is full. The added value that LEDs provide to the lights is largely to make the lights more styling and enhance the overall high-tech feel of the body.

Audi R8 headlights

At the end of 2007, Audi launched the new R8, which allowed people to witness the birth of the world's first full-LED headlights. All the lighting functions such as far and near light, steering, and daytime running lights all use LED elements, making the Audi R8 the world's first production model equipped with full LED lights. Therefore, the lights have officially entered the LED era.

With the large-scale loading application, the cost of LED headlights is now lower than that of traditional xenon lamps.

Technically, LEDs can basically meet the requirements of headlights, such as the international first-tier manufacturers such as OSRAM. Although the layout in the LED industry is involved from upstream chips to downstream applications, automotive lighting is always theirs. The field of "holding on". Since the second half of 2015, some of the headlights of the car have begun to show signs of decline. International companies have focused on improving the level of car lighting and opening up gaps with other companies.

In addition to the heat dissipation problem, how to realize the control of the LED is the difficulty in front of the major LED companies. The use conditions and environment of ordinary LED lighting fixtures are relatively fixed, but the use environment of automotive LEDs is not fixed, especially when starting, braking, turning, there are higher requirements for LEDs.

Audi A6L car headlights

From the point of view of cornering lighting, there are two main technical genres, one is to install a movable bracket for the lamp, the light source rotates with the curve; the other is promoted by Audi, with many sets of LED light source combination Light up (called "matrix" headlights by Audi) to achieve illumination in different areas and directions.

The matrix type represented by Audi headlights is mainly used in high-end models. The matrix LED solution uses more LED units, and this arrangement solves some problems in the light distribution. "This requires the performance of the chip to be improved, and different shapes of COB are needed to meet the different headlight shapes." Li Shengfa, senior analyst of the High-tech Research Institute LED Research Institute (GGII), believes that the heat is solved by the existing technology. In addition to the problem, we must also consider how to control this array of LED single-core technology, how to achieve intelligent control, grasp the chip control and heat treatment.

“Osram and other first-line factories want to open the gap with other manufacturers and raise the difficulty.” Some industry insiders who do not want to be named told Gaogong LED.

For medium-end automotive LEDs that require a lower level, the single-crystal two-core or one-core is used, and the requirements on the chip are not very high. The difficulty lies in the design of the luminaire.

In fact, the automotive LED market is not large, and the cycle of a product from launch to use to the end is 3-5 years, more than 8 or 9 years, "long tail theory is very suitable for the automotive industry," analysts If yes. Therefore, for automotive LEDs, the focus is not on price but on product quality, and it is possible to maintain long-term mass production and stable supply.

The use of LEDs allows the lights to be more solid and more versatile in shape than in the past. LED can bring not only energy saving and aesthetics, but also a symbol of fashion.

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