Hisense Blue Media LED TV China's store is the first to wind down the price

Hisense Electric recently said that it will launch the storm of price reduction of Hisense Blue Media LED TV. In Beijing's major home appliance stores, Hisense Electric's booth has already launched a promotional banner of "purchase of Haixin blue media LED, discount of 1,000 yuan". Wang Wei, marketing manager of Hisense Electric Beijing Marketing Co., also said that he would also receive a 26-inch LCD TV from the manufacturer when he purchased Hisense LEDTV in the Beijing market.

In this regard, Hisense Electric said that Hisense has increased its capital of 1.5 billion yuan in July to build the LED LCD industry chain. With the improvement of the industrial chain and the increase in production scale, the price of Hisense Blue Media LEDTV has also been reduced.

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