SemiLEDs delivers street lighting LEDs to ITRI

USA - SemiLEDs ( http:// ) has entered into a joint cooperation with Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI; ). They are initiating a pilot program to convert Part of ITRI's campus street lamps from metal halide into LED systems.

The 24W LED systems, designed by ITRI based on its own technologies in optical lens design and light-weight thermal solution, contain P2 Lamps that were packaged by Helios Crew Corp (HCC, ) using high power LED chips from SemiLEDs .

Using less than 10% of the 240W of power required for the metal halide systems, the LED systems from HCC and SemiLEDs are able to provide greater light quality and distribution while virtually eliminate maintenance costs.

"ITRI campus is the open environment for new pilot technologies., we decided to adopt the latest and most advanced systems in LED lighting technology to illuminate our campus ” said Dr. Ian Chan, Vice president and general director of ITRI. Pleased to collaborate with HCC and SemiLEDs, two companies at the forefront of this global lighting transformation." He added. "the results speak for themselves."

"We are delighted that ITRI's high performance lamps, packaged in HCC's high performance and high reliability lamps, provide more light consistency, longer life and" More efficiency at a better value than any LED on the market today."

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