Leaderboard: 10 of the most cost-effective VR glasses in the minds of netizens

VR glasses are very hot, but they are mixed, some have been done with care, some are purely a ticket to leave, so the little friends who want to start must polish your titanium alloy eyes.

In this regard, the author has selected 10 models from the released VR glasses, including the external head display, mobile phone box and one machine.

And from their price, workmanship, experience, ease of operation, content richness and other five aspects of comparison, but also with reference to the media, Jingdong / Tmall buyer evaluation and the company's strength and other factors, made a Ranking, the result is like this:

TOP10: Ant Vision Helmet

Features: Known as the world's first fully compatible VR helmet

VR glasses list

The ant vision helmet has a 100-degree angle of view, which can make the picture undistorted. It adopts 9-axis sensor and can realize double 9-axis sensing with ant visual somatosensory gun. It is also compatible with multiple platforms such as computer, PS, XBOX and Android devices.

It is worth mentioning that the ant sight gun can be freely assembled into a control handle. At the same time, the screen resolution has reached 2K level, and the display effect is more delicate.

However, although the full compatibility of the ant vision helmet reduces the cost of use, it does not cost money to buy a package like the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift. However, the old saying goes that "there is nothing but a face", and it cannot be optimized and experienced. The effect will be reduced.

TOP9: Bossnel X1

Features: Create innovative designs for the left and right sides of dual OLED screens

VR glasses list

Bossnel X1 dual-screen integrated machine for the first time in the immersive visual design, the use of concave and convex double lens group reduction technology, creating an innovative design of the left and right sides of the dual OLED screen, the design can simulate the theater's large depth of field, avoid close-up viewing, such as IMAX theater scene enhances the wearing experience.

In terms of resources, using a variety of access methods, you can connect to WiFi, watch online video through APP, Youqi, Iqiyi, etc. You can also view downloaded local videos through USB and TF card; with gamepad, you can also be compatible with each A kind of VR game, in short, who can have good content (free of charge) who can use it.

TOP8: VR One

Features: It is the two optical lenses that are good

VR glasses list

VR One is a virtual reality glasses for mobile phone users launched by Carl Zeiss, the world's leading lens manufacturer. It works in the same way as other mobile phone boxes.

We know that the most important thing about the phone box is the two lenses, and VR One has the advantage that other manufacturers don't have. ZEISS's exclusive precision lens, its leading optical design is not what you want, this lens can give you Bring a true 360-degree immersion experience.

However, since the mobile phone must be loaded into a tailor-made mobile phone case, the VR One currently only supports the iPhone 6 (4.7 inches) and the Samsung Galaxy S5, which feels a bit pitted.

TOP7: Play Glass

Features: good heat dissipation and light weight

VR glasses list

In terms of hardware, PlayGlass is different from other products. PlayGlass uses high-transmission large-diameter lenses to improve problems such as picture distortion. Supporting 4.0-6.0-inch mobile phones, the experience can be as close as 174 inches at 2 meters. The effect of a large screen.

In addition, PlayGlass also added active cooling design to avoid high temperature and adjustable distance, which can meet the best matching distance when different people use it, and the object distance can be adjusted freely. Myopia within 600 degrees can be used normally. It is important to ensure that the weight is very light while maintaining a "complex" design.

On the watch, it has the function of intelligently recognizing 2D/3D movies. It can support a variety of 3D format sources such as left and right, up and down, and support 2D conversion 3D. As a result, you can watch ordinary movies without 3D sources.

TOP6: Storm Mirror 4

Features: rich in content resources, famous

VR glasses list

Although the plastic mirror 4 is heavy and heavy, it is indeed the most popular product of the storm. The display effect is better than the previous three generations.

But Storm Mirror has a reason to choose: the video is relatively rich in variety and functionally more selective. In the content of VR, although the content provided by the Storm Mirror VR market is less and the quality is not high, compared with the content market of several other VR devices in China, the content of the Storm Mirror VR market is still in a leading position.

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