What is the difference between crystal and crystal?

Introduction: When it comes to crystals, some people think of quartz crystals. In fact, the two are equivalent. So what is the difference between crystals and crystals? In fact, we can find an affirmative answer when we analyze. For example, a quartz crystal also belongs to a large class of crystals, but some of its features are also unique, and there are also essential differences from ordinary crystals.

When we understand crystals and crystals, we also need to analyze them according to their application principles. From a popular point of view, a crystal belongs to a passive body, and its interior includes a quartz crystal. Generally, for the production of a line oscillator, it is necessary to extract a quartz crystal through a crystal. What is the difference between the crystal and the crystal? When we answered, we naturally can find the answer very clearly!

First, the quartz crystal is similar to the electrode

For a quartz crystal, it is like an oscillator. In the implementation of our application, its internal composition is made up of crystals coupled with oscillations, amplification and other circuits. Then it is fixed together in a metal shell, so for this oscillator, it can be used as a resonant circuit at the time of application, but for the crystal, it has its own characteristics of the oscillating circuit, so when the power is supplied, Naturally there is a signal output phenomenon.

Second, the crystal is active

For the crystal oscillator, since its internal is active, a resonant circuit will naturally appear in the composition of the integrated circuit. However, the prerequisite is that the power supply is required to be able to vibrate. Generally, it can be performed by several patches. experiment.

Third, the crystal is passive

For such a passive crystal, it is generally impossible to perform independent vibration. For this to work as an oscillator, it is necessary to add a resonant circuit, which is also called an integrated circuit, so that the function of printing can be used. . Can you also simply think of the difference between a crystal and a crystal? For the crystal oscillator, it is able to operate independently, but the crystal is not the case, so in essence, it cannot be confused. And from a professional point of view, the manufacturer can identify the crystal oscillator as a clock oscillator in this respect, and the crystal is a so-called passive crystal oscillator.

Through the above explanation of Yangxing Technology, we should be clear about the specific answer. In the process of equipment operation, the configuration of the oscillator is very important, we need to choose according to different scope of adaptation, so that we can better show The quality of the crystal oscillator, as well as the sealing and stability of the crystal oscillator, all parameters must be met in order to be able to avoid faults and ensure the accuracy of the operation.

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