Spring wire spiral cable

Introduction: The spiral-type spring cable (spring wire) is a device connection that works by using scalability. Generally made of TPU cable. The electrical connection used to control the movement of the mobile device can be quickly rebounded in a short time and is widely used in mobile devices such as automobiles, machines, and meters.

one. The knot of the line is enough

1. Several cores, number of cores, core color

2. Core structure: For example, a few copper wires, how big is the diameter of the copper wire, whether or not to add nylon wire, etc.

3. Line skin: bright surface, matte surface, PU TPU PVC PUR, etc.

4 requirements to increase the tensile strength cotton, filling ropes, etc.

5. To prevent the dry winding from increasing the winding, weave the shielding net to achieve the effect of anti-dry winding.

two. Spring wire specifications

1. The size of the spring wire is called roll height, roll diameter

2. When the spring wire is not pulled, the length of the spring part is called the roll length or spring length.

3. The length of the spring line at both ends is called the length of both ends

4. Both ends of the straight line and the spring part of the tail 90 degrees, called 90 degrees spring line, both ends of the straight line and the spring part is a straight line, horizontal, called 180 degrees spring line or horizontal spring line.

5. The hollow core of the spring line is called empty space.

three. Spring wire winding process

1. Wrap the wire around the iron rod and fix it with a jig

2. Put on the shelf and place the wrapped wire in the wire rack

3.Roast the wire and push the wire into the oven (set temperature, constant temperature time)

4 off the line, the stereotyped line off the top of the iron bar

5. Reverse line

6. Quantity, tie, tie line

7 packaging

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