Grand Alliance's Quantum Group launches highly integrated heart rate sensor and fisheye camera

Dalianda Holdings, a leading semiconductor component distributor dedicated to the Asia-Pacific market, announced that its subsidiary has launched the Pixart (original phase) heart rate sensor series and OTUS (Otis) fisheye camera.

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I. The United Nations General Assembly launched the Pixart (original phase) heart rate sensor series

The Pixart (original phase) heart rate sensor series launched by the United Nations General Assembly has the characteristics of precision, low power consumption, small size and high integration. The PAH8001, PAH8002, and AH8003 heart rate sensors are introduced this time. All the above models are integrated with optical sensors, integrated circuits and LEDs:

PAH8001: than a single-lamp dynamic heart rate measurement sensor;

PAH8002: Optimized sensor signal-to-noise ratio and low-power performance, which helps customers to simplify design. It only needs low-cost single-chip transparent plastic or glass design to achieve dynamic heart rate monitoring. Built-in double green light and one infrared light It also makes dynamic heart rate performance even better;

PAH8003: Optimized heart rate monitoring performance in outdoor operation scenarios. Built-in anti-ambient light interference filter with earphone application-specific heart rate algorithm can support dynamic heart rate measurement in headphones.

The Pixart heart rate sensor uses PPG light volume technology to sense light changes caused by vasoconstriction by green light that penetrates the skin and is finally measured by a small CMOS sensor. The signal output is the PPG light volume (Photoplethysmography). This information not only provides heart rhythm data, but also provides information such as mood, stress index, heart rate variability and exercise quality for future reference.

Pixart (original technology) heart rate sensor features and related information:

• Highly integrated: integrated CMOS Sensor, analog processing / digital control circuitry, LED

• Ultra-small size: up to 3mm x 4.7 mm x 1mm

• High signal-to-noise ratio: PAH8002 requires only low-cost single-chip transparent glass/plastic for dynamic heart rate detection

• Skin color detection compensation mechanism

• Low current consumption

• Flexible interface: I2C, 4-wire SPI, 2-wire SPI

• Reference design kits are available with hardware, firmware, software and optical cover

• Available original software algorithms including motion rhythm detection

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II. The United Nations General Assembly launched the OTUS (Otus) fisheye camera

The United Nations General Assembly launched the OTUS series of OTUS (Otus) with a fisheye correction function and a complete ISP network camera and motion camera. The main function is FHD (1080p) H.264 codec and high-performance image processing capabilities, and integrates many rich peripherals such as Ethernet mac, audio codec, HDMI, TV out, MIPI interface, crystal, RTC, etc., so that customers can Streamline circuit design to reduce product size.

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Figure 1 - OTUS (Otis) self-contained fisheye correction function camera OT6 series system architecture diagram

High-compression H.264 high profile encoder, coupled with high-performance 2D and 3D noise filters, is especially suitable for network camera applications. It can transmit more important details than its peers under the same conditions, instead of transmitting. Important noise. The fisheye correction function allows the angle to be seen with multiple cameras to be seen with a single camera. The flexible fisheye correction function can output many different modes, including ceiling, wall mount, table and cat eye modes. Etc., in line with the needs of a variety of different applications. The wide dynamic effects developed on the basis of Frame buffer have the effect of sensor WDR, saving customers the expense of expensive sensors. With H.264 decoder, OSD graphics and rich output surrounds, the OT6 is also ideal for motion cameras, and the Fisheye Correction feature provides a 360-degree panoramic user experience for motion cameras.

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Figure 2 - OTUS (Otis) self-contained fisheye correction camera OT6 series application renderings

Product specifications:

1. Video codec: 264/MPEG‐4 AVC (ISO/IEC 14496‐10) baseline, main, and high Profile@Level 4.1

2. Codec performance: 1080p@30fps+D1@30fps

3. Video input interface: Bayer/MIPT Rx/BT.1120/BT.656/BT.601

4. Video output interface: BT.1120/BT.656/RGB888/sRGB(i80)/HDMI Tx/CVBS/Wi-Fi

5. ISP feature:

Fisheye correction

2. WDR

3. Lens distortion & shading correction

4. 2D spatial noise filter & 3D time varying noise filter

5. Privacy mask

6. Motion detection

6. Intelligent video analysis

7. SDIO supports up to UHS‐1 SDXC

8. Operation voltage: Core: 1.2V, I/O: 1.5V (for DDR3) and 3.3V

9. Package: TFBGA361 (19x19), Ball Pitch: 0.65mm, Dimension: 13mm x 13mm

10. Power consumption: <1W

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