The pioneer of high-power flip-chip LED light source - "Liyang shares" landing on the new three board

On August 8, the New Third Board ushered in an LED company, Shenzhen Liyang Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., which was officially listed on the National Small and Medium Enterprise Share Transfer System. The stock abbreviation: Liyang Shares, stock code: 838452.

However, the difference is that Liyang shares focus on the segmentation of high-power LED packaging, especially in the field of high-power flip-chip.

It is reported that Liyang Co., Ltd. was established in December 2008. The products are positioned in the middle and high-end, and are introduced to the market with high-power LED products with high lumens, high luminous efficiency and high reliability. Therefore, in the product development stage, Liyang actively promotes the upgrading of high-power integrated COB product line, and gradually replaces COB series products with flip-chip COB products, and provides customers with integrated optical design, light source and cooling solution simulation. Service.

In fact, the flip-chip FE30/FE35 series products that Liyang has just launched recently have made many people shine.

It is understood that the FE30/FE35 is positioned to replace the traditional 1W imitation lumen products, ceramic substrate 3030/3535 products, upgrade the plane EMC3030 products, and even replace the XPG series products, and enter the market through superior stability and high cost performance.

"In fact, we have concerns before we do this project, but the feedback from customers is generally very good, which enhances our confidence." In the view of Qin Shengyu, deputy general manager of Liyang, the FE30/FE35 is different from other flat products. With the addition of self-developed lenses, it can achieve high light efficiency and easier secondary light distribution. (For related FE30/FE35 series, please click: http://)

On the other hand, if a worker wants to do something good, he must first sharpen his tools. Liyang shares are also upgrading on flip-chip equipment. Its flip-chip package combines solder paste and eutectic processes for rapid penetration in a variety of applications. “We also plan our own spraying line, and we don’t lose the domestic and foreign packaging manufacturers in the process,” Qin Shengyi believes that their products are not inferior in high-end applications, such as the front-end market for vehicles.

As a pioneer of flip-chip light source, Liyang's listing of the new three board is conducive to broadening its financing channels, further strengthening the research and development and innovation of products, and accelerating the upgrading of product lines, which will generate a great deal for the entire LED packaging industry. influences.

According to Liu Feiyu, senior research and development engineer of Liyang Co., Ltd., Liyang shares have performed well in the application of welding technology, precipitation process packaging technology and high-efficiency light-efficiency packaging technology for flip-chip products.

Qin Shengyu said: "Liyang will continue to provide innovative LED device packaging products and services, and achieve success with customers. The listing of the new three boards is only the beginning of a new journey of Liyang, the company's current strategic planning to further enhance the company Power high-efficiency LED packaged device performance and production capacity, actively integrate talent, technology, market and industrial resources, and make Liyang shares become the most core high-tech national enterprise in the global LED industry."

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