Android tablet oversupply vendors forced price war

Android tablet oversupply Manufacturers are forced to conduct price war Jared Spurbeck, Yahoo's technology columnist, pointed out that the Tablet PC with Android operating system is oversupply, and unsold inventory has been piled up in businesses and warehouses. Although IDC stated that the market for Android tablets accounted for about one-third of the market, Google’s boot data showed that the launch rate of Android tablets is actually not high, especially compared to the sale of nearly 30 million iPads.

To complicate the tablet makers, Andorid's tablet specifications are very similar, except for the Hook EVO View and Bonno Bookstore's Nook color readers, almost all use NVIDIA Tegra dual-core processors, the resolution of the monitor is only slightly smaller than the iPad It is no wonder that manufacturers have to compete on price. Verizon's Samsung Galaxy Tab 4G currently costs $529, which is $100 less than the slower Apple 3G iPad 2.

In this case, if there is a cheaper 4G Android tablet is not surprising. Android Police, a technology blog network, points out that Acer’s Iconia Tab 4G’s pre-order price is as low as US$499, which is in line with the Wi-Fi iPad 2 price.

The speed of 4G tablet computers should be faster than 3G, at least in terms of web browsing, but it is also limited to areas providing 4G network services, such as AT&T's network. If you use it everyday, 4G Android tablet may not be as fast as 3G iPad 2. The main reason is that Android's response speed is not as fast as iPad iOS operating system. There will be a second-second difference in finger touch.

Engadget pointed out that the Acer Iconia Tab's battery is short, the endurance is only 7 hours, not as good as the iPad 2's 10 hours, but the horn function is excellent, and the audio quality and image quality of the playback video is excellent.

At present, the iPad continues to dominate the US tablet market. If the Android tablet offers more applications and more unique flat-panel concepts, this may change. What manufacturers can do now is only price competition. While this is a great opportunity for Android to be cheap, they may regret it a few months later because similar tablets will only be cheaper.

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