UBS Securities Chief Analyst Cheng Zhenghua: Semiconductors Fall in December

Asia Money magazine announced the results of its 2011 client selection. UBS Securities defeated CLSA's four-time champion CLSA and won the title of Best Broker in Asia. UBS Securities Asia Semiconductor Industry Analyst Cheng Zhenghua also won the most in Asia. Jia semiconductor analyst awards, Cheng Zhenghua, who held a conservative view of the semiconductor economy in the first half of this year, believes that the semiconductor economy is expected to fall from December to January, and the capacity utilization rate will continue to rebound in the second quarter to the third quarter of next year. The views on the performance of semiconductor groups are relatively optimistic.

When TSMC shouted a goal of 20% growth in the first half of this year, Cheng Zhenghua had a conservative view of the semiconductor industry, and forward-looking views became the key for him to be selected as the best semiconductor and technology hardware analyst in Asia this year. Cheng Zhenghua This year is not a glimpse of bad semiconductor performance. After major revisions by semi-conductor groups in the first half of the year, Cheng Zhenghua spotted semi-conductor groups operating from December to January and raised semiconductor group ratings in August, turning optimistic about semiconductor stock price revisions. 15-20% performance.

For the performance of semiconductor groups next year, Cheng Zhenghua's views are relatively optimistic. He pointed out that semiconductor stock prices have all bottomed out, plus inventory levels return to normal, there will be Win8 listed terminal incentives next year, semiconductor utilization rate will be in the second quarter of next year to the The third quarter saw a gradual recovery, although semi-conductor groups have already rebounded in the second half of the year, but UMC, Riyueguang, and counterfeit goods are still some distance away from the high price of this year, and he continues to be optimistic about the performance of leading TSMCs with high defensiveness.

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