"Application of LED in medical equipment" passed the acceptance of the Ministry of Science and Technology

Recently, as a "semiconductor lighting project" project in the new material field of the 863 Program, Harbin Haige Technology Development Co., Ltd. developed a shadowless lamp for LED surgery, which recently passed the acceptance of experts organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology.
The result uses high-power white LED instead of the traditional tungsten halogen lamp as the illumination source of the shadowless lamp, successfully solving the package of high-efficiency high-color rendering index high -power LED, constant-current driving of high-power LED, heat dissipation of high-power LED, Illumination control, secondary optics design and Other problems. The light distribution effect is better than that of foreign similar products (the lens concentrating method is widely used in foreign countries); in the aspect of control, the infrared wireless remote control mode is adopted, which realizes multi-level regulation of the illumination of the shadowless lamp, and the dimming is flexible and convenient; in the aspect of high-power LED heat dissipation Successfully developed a patented technology for low thermal resistance bonding between heat sink and power device, achieving a fully metallized heat dissipation channel from LED chip to aluminum heat sink, effectively reducing system thermal resistance. The technical indicators of the products have met the requirements of the national pharmaceutical industry standard YY 0627-2008. Through more than one year of clinical trials in the 21st Hospital of the Chinese People's Liberation Army and the Second Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, the product has met the normal conditions. Clinical application requirements.
Compared with traditional light source shadowless lamps, LED surgical shadowless lamps have the following advantages:
1, due to the use of high-efficiency, high-power LED, so most of the time can be applied to 50% of the full power state, energy-saving effect is obvious;
2. White LED has the characteristics of chromaticity that is different from ordinary surgical shadowless light source. This feature increases the color difference between blood and other tissues and organs of the human body, which makes the doctor's vision clearer during surgery, and the human body in the flowing and infiltrating blood. The various tissues and organs are more easily distinguished, which is not available in ordinary surgical shadowless lamps;
3, LED light source without infrared, ultraviolet radiation, can effectively avoid the loss of water and infection of surgical wounds, but also create a more comfortable operating environment for doctors;
4, LED light source life is 20 times that of traditional halogen tungsten bulbs, reducing the trouble of frequent replacement of light bulbs;
5, using the secondary optical design of the reflector cup array, the spot shape specification, the spot area is increased to 4 times of the traditional similar shadowless spot area, and has a high light utilization rate, which makes the operation of the surgeon more convenient;
6. The illuminance remote control system is adopted to adjust the illumination of the working surface to make the light more comfortable and reduce the visual fatigue of the doctor.
According to the data, the domestic market demand for shadowless lamps is more than 20,000 units per year. At the same time, huge social holdings are urgently needed for energy-saving renovation. Therefore, the market prospects for LED shadowless lamps are very broad. Our province is planning to promote LED surgery shadowless lamps in medical institutions above the township and above. To this end, Hager is actively applying for the registration of medical devices for medical device production licenses and LED shadowless lamps, and the fixtures and various test equipment required for mass production, and strives for early mass production.

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