Dry photo optoelectronic expansion to prepare for high-brightness red and yellow LED chip market

On August 30th and 31st, 2010, Ganzhao Optoelectronics (300102) held the ninth meeting of the first board of directors and passed the “other working capital related to the main business” for “expanding the company's main business capacity. motion". The plan is to expand the company's main business capacity with “Other working capital related to the main business” of RMB 5,109.00 million, and purchase 16 German AIXTRON quaternary MOCVD epitaxial furnaces, equipped with corresponding chip production equipment, other auxiliary equipment, and national and local And the fire protection, environmental protection, safety, energy saving and other facilities required by the industry, forming a new annual production capacity of 36 billion high-brightness quaternary red-yellow LED chips. The expansion project is located in Yangzhou Economic Development Zone with a total investment of 551.09 million yuan. The planned construction period is from September 2010 to December 2011, and the production will be completed in early 2012. The company expects the annual sales revenue of the project to reach 599.77 million. yuan.

For the project, on September 2, Ganzhao Optoelectronics released the “Feasibility Analysis Report of the Main Business Expansion Project”. The report said that the project is based on a detailed analysis of the development status and demand trends of domestic and foreign industries and the development needs of enterprises. It is believed that through the implementation and operation of this project, not only can the company's new profit growth point be cultivated, but also the company will strengthen the company. It has strategic significance in terms of independent innovation capability, upgrading technology and technology level, expanding industrial scale, and decentralizing enterprise development risks, and can achieve the goal of improving the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises and achieving sustainable development.

According to the dry-light photoelectric analysis, the quaternary high-brightness LED chip is one of the core components of the semiconductor lighting industry, and has great application potential in landscape lighting, decoration, display, notebook backlight, LCD TV backlight, general illumination and other fields. The market demand is very huge, and has a strong growth momentum. At present, the company's production capacity can only meet the demand of about 50% of the existing top 70 customers. The expansion will help to alleviate the serious shortage of products of the company and provide customers with high quality. At the same time, as one of the largest suppliers of high-brightness quaternary red and yellow LED epitaxial wafers and chips in China, the company has certain scale advantages, but it does not have absolute scale advantage. It will further consolidate and enhance the scale advantage of the company and achieve better scale effect. In addition, through the construction of the project, the company's industrial scale and product level will be further improved, and the profitability will be further improved to ensure continuous R&D investment. Providing better research and development conditions for independent innovation, so that the R&D team will get

It is understood that there are 8 MOCVD epitaxial furnaces from AIXTRON of Germany, and 7 of them are used to produce quaternary red and yellow LED chips. The annual production capacity of nearly 1.58 billion chips has been formed. One of the largest companies in the production and sales of LED red and yellow LED chips is also one of the largest companies in China that can mass produce epitaxial wafers of triple-junction gallium arsenide solar cells.

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