Sharp will leap to the top of the supply of LCD panels for LED TVs in 2010

"In 2010, Sharp will be the first in terms of market share of LCD TV panels with LED backlights." At the "18th Display Search Forum" held by DisplaySearch in the United States from January 27 to 28, 2010, Takashi Tamura, senior vice president and senior analyst of DisplaySearch in Japan, made the above speech. South Korea's Samsung Electronics topped the list in terms of market share of LCD TV panels embedded in LED backlights in 2009. Display Search believes that by ensuring the supplier of LED chips, Sharp will make more than 50% of the LCD TV panels supplied by the company into LED backlights.

In terms of supply forecasting by major panel makers, Sharp is expected to reach around 16 million. Among them, about 7 million will be supplied to Sharp from the company, about 5 million from Sony, 2 million from Royal Philips Electronics NV, and about 1 million from LG Electronics, South Korea. About 300,000 Samsung Electronics and about 500,000 Toshiba.

DisplaySearch predicts that the supply of Samsung Electronics and South Korea's LG Electronics will reach 13 million. DisplaySearch also predicts that the two companies will each supply approximately 50 million units of LCD TV panels, including CCFL (cold cathode tube) backlights, so that they are equipped with LED backlights. Products will account for more than 25% of the total.

The supplier of Samsung Electronics is as follows. It will supply about 9 million copies to Samsung Electronics, about 2 million Sony, and about 1.5 million Toshiba. LG Display is expected to supply about 5 million copies to LG Electronics, about 200 to 2.5 million VIZIOs in the US, 2 million from Philips Electronics, and about 2 million from Panasonic. Toshiba 1 million pieces.

In addition, DisplaySearch also predicts that the total supply of LCD TV panels with LED backlights will reach approximately 36.5 million in 2010. The total supply of similar products in 2009 was approximately 4 million.

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