Pay attention to the selection of lamps during decoration

More and more consumers have become more and more valued with the improvement of their lifestyle. In addition to meeting the general lighting needs, the main task of lighting design is to create a warm atmosphere for the family. Therefore, the correct choice of lamps is particularly important. However, because the average person's understanding of the lamp is very limited, it is often used blindly, thus causing many misunderstandings in use.

Misunderstanding 1:

Many people blindly use spotlights (ie halogen tungsten bulbs). The spotlights were originally used for accent lighting, and they emphasize the role of display products, but they are now used in general lighting. The spotlights on the ceiling make the ceiling too eye-catching, and the illumination effect on other objects is relatively weak.

Misunderstanding 2:

In order to save electricity, many people use energy-saving lamps too much, ignoring the role of lighting in creating a family atmosphere. Energy-saving lamps are actually a kind of fluorescent lamps. Although they save electricity, they also have the disadvantage of fluorescent lamps, that is, the lights are too cool. Therefore, from the perspective of creating a homely atmosphere, it is obviously unreasonable to use energy-saving lamps too much.

Misunderstanding three:

Many people prefer crystal lamps, and think that it is a symbol of style, but they have not noticed the residences of European and American countries. The ceiling height is at least 3.5 meters, while the ceiling height of domestic houses is generally less than 3 meters. Therefore, if you do not consider the national conditions, blindly use the crystal lamp, then not only can not show the graceful style of the crystal lamp, but it will cause oppression.

Consumers must pay attention to these when purchasing lamps.

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