New imaging controller for ZINK Zero Ink photo printing applications (Conexant)

Conexant Systems today announced an environmentally friendly SoC solution for ZINK® functional printing products that allows users to print digital photos and other images without the use of ink cartridges or ribbons.

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Conexant Systems has partnered with major Japanese electronics manufacturers to develop the highly integrated CX92137 photo printer SoC, which uses ZINK Imaging's ZINK® Zero Ink® printing technology. ZINK Imaging provides its proprietary partners with proprietary inkless printing technology and the core ZINK Paper® of the system.

Phil Pompa, senior vice president of product marketing at Conexant Systems, said: "We have developed a complete SoC solution for the growing market of inkless photo printers, delivering superior image quality while minimizing environmental impact. Our highly integrated solution enables small form factor ZINK printing mechanisms to be embedded in consumer products ranging from small digital photo frames to PCs and TVs."

The CX92137 incorporates advanced imaging hardware that improves imaging processing speed and quality. The new SoC includes a high-performance ARM 32-bit core and an integrated memory management unit (MMU) to provide the processing power required for high-speed imaging applications. The SoC also includes a memory card controller, touch screen support, a color LCD controller that supports high-resolution imaging, and an HDMI transmitter that allows users to view photo collections on the TV.

Other features include a USB 2.0 high-speed port for connecting PCs and digital cameras, and a serial-parallel peripheral interface for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. In addition, the CX92137 integrates low-power features such as wake-up USB and LAN to improve power efficiency. High levels of integration also reduce system cost for product development and greatly reduce board space.

Conexant's comprehensive imaging portfolio includes MFP SoCs that are highly integrated for inkjet, laser and photo printers. The company also offers fax SoC and data pump solutions, as well as high-performance solutions for "network" photo frame applications.

The CX92137 is priced at $10 in volume and is available in a 289-pin fine-pitch ball grid array (FPBGA) lead-free package.

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