National Games magic lights: 1080 Guangzhou color lamps

National Games Closing Ceremony

The 11th National Games

On October 16, 2009, Shandong gave a shock to the whole country. At the opening ceremony of the 11th National Games, the giant bowls were hung up in the air and the 10,000 people were ignited. It has become a permanent classic, continuing the Olympic high-tech legend. Although the closing ceremony has no grand momentum and scale, the use of high-tech means makes it equally bright and beautiful.

Choi and giant bowl Qi Hui

Lanling wine tulips, jade bowls come amber. But the owner can be drunk, I don’t know where it is. As the soul of the opening ceremony of the 11th National Games, the use of the bowl curtain has achieved great success. The 52 white pigeons waved their wings and flew gracefully from the air. When they re-launched, a giant bowl rose in the center of the Olympic Sports Center. With the ever-changing giants on the ground, the giant bowl can not only change the shape, but also can display the various scenes, participants, and tens of thousands of audiences. The Jinan Olympic Sports Center is closely integrated. Together, the performance of the opening ceremony of the entire 11th National Games has become extremely three-dimensional.

The big bowl curtain is very creative. However, the material used to carry this creative bowl is actually a very ordinary white projection cloth. In order to achieve the best image on this ordinary white screen, in addition to the super video. In addition to the image-based projection lamps, the lighting and control systems that accompany them are also critical.

The number and control system of the opening lights of the National Games is extremely advanced. The use of special effects lights and computer lights, including PG lights, has used 4,000, more than the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, and 1080 of them came from Guangzhou color enamel FINE2000wash series of lighting products.

The enamel lamps are installed on the fourth floor of the stadium, the ground and the top of the stadium. They are mainly responsible for lighting and color conversion for the audience's stands, stage and aerial performances. The computer lights in each area are assigned different tasks. Among them, the lamps distributed on the fourth floor stand, in addition to providing illumination for the stands, also use the changing beating beam to match the giant bowl to present multimedia images and enhance them. Three-dimensional. In the whole party, the colorful lanterns cooperated with the huge bowl curtain, and the three themes of Qilu culture, the whole nation and the blessing of the motherland were interpreted to the extreme.

Light dyed Shandong charm

In addition to the wonderfully creative giant bowls, the spectacular scenes that followed were even more amazing. Numerous actors held torches to form the emblem of the 11th National Games, Mount Taishan, the Yellow River rushing into the sea, and the impassioned poetry readings, making the entire stadium magnificent. Especially the scene of the Yellow River entering the sea, the white curtain covering the entire stadium ground, turned into a blue ocean under the light, and the slope in front of the torch station became a good water of the Yellow River, rushing to the sea. The props that are not returned, the khaki-colored lights are hit, and it is completely like a raging yellow river.

涟涟Bibo, quiet lotus, swaying weeping willow, spurting spring water, fish swimming, etc., a series of pictures with the characteristics of Quancheng, in the different colors and changes, with interpretation of the four sides of the lotus three sides, one city and two colors Great view of the Half City Lake.

Whether it is the surging grandeur, or the quiet and bleak mood, it is created by all-round lighting. The 1080-color FINE2000wash dyeing series of lights is like a wonderful flower, projecting from the different angles of the stage to the stage, showing the scenes vividly and completely, achieving the visual shock and sublimation.

National Games magic lights: 1080 Guangzhou color lamps

National Games magical lights

The light adds a pen to the closing ceremony

The theme of the closing ceremony is "The Memory of Brilliance." After the curtain is opened, three drops of water fall from the sky. These three drops of water represent the water of life, the water of culture, and the ideal water. The idea is very clever and very creative. It pulls people's thoughts from the mixed emotions into the realm of poetry and painting. As one of the highlights of the closing ceremony, the three drops of water use a variety of stage technology methods such as holographic images, line arrays and lighting. A number of projection lamps and more than 200 color enamel FINE2000 series computer lights passed the precision design of the lighting engineer. The water drops drip from above the line array, and the ethereal and transparent, dreamlike.

The dripping of water droplets caused a ripple on the stage. From the first chapter "Memory of Spring Water" to the second chapter "Runway", the stage is full of light, according to the different scenes, the light changes, showing different shapes such as water waves, passionate runway, starry trajectory, etc. Audiovisual experience.

The interpretation of the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter is also beautiful. The climax of the summer of Jinan, "The Wind and the Willow", the fragrant lotus, the soft willow, the blue water, the cool wind, the central stage projects the beauty of the lotus bloom, 92 are dressed in the willow skirt, holding the willow branches The girls marched on the stage with a light dance step, the lotus fairy danced in the center of the stage, and the two girls used the fishing rod to pick the goldfish and wandered between the red and the red

With the extinction of the flame, the theme song "Starry Sky" sang in the stadium. The singers Cao Fujia and Liao Changyong stepped into the center of the stage, and the stage had a fantastic change. In the faint blue light, the curved runway on the stage changes into a orbit of the universe. The track is tilted at different angles, as if flying.

The three long drops of water, the warm and beautiful four seasons of Shandong, the dreamy and dynamic universe of the sky, the beautiful and beautiful picture, in addition to the finely crafted dance beauty, numerical control technology, PG lights and other multimedia imaging means, it is inseparable有效 Effective coordination of lights. The well-designed lighting and high-tech stage performance techniques are like a magical pen, and perfectly combined with the performance of stage art, it justly expresses the concept of harmonious China and the whole nation.

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