China's Transformer Information Construction Needs to Accelerate

China's Transformer Information Construction Needs to Accelerate

Today, the overall situation of informatization in developed countries is that in the field of design and manufacturing, more than 90% of companies use computer-aided design (CAD) and product database technology (PDM), and in the management and operation areas, they generally implement business process reengineering around the Internet. , Implement Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) strategy. Therefore, in today's era of global market competition, the integrated application of information technology has become an important factor in improving the viability and core competitiveness of enterprises.

Since the main users of transformer manufacturing companies are the power sector, many of our leaders in transformer companies believe that as long as they establish a good relationship with them, they can develop and there is no need for informationization. This view of weak information awareness has seriously affected the informatization construction of the transformer manufacturing industry, resulting in a low level of corporate information infrastructure management, insufficient investment in information construction, and less e-commerce applications. In fact, the vast majority of transformer manufacturers have the following problems:

(1) The market is slow to reflect, and customers often complain that marketing has an era of loophole information, and the speed of response to the rapidly changing market has become the key to determining the competitive advantage of the company. Transformer manufacturers have many types of products and many specifications. If they do not establish a sales information system, it will be difficult to handle a large number of products and customer information, so that pre-sales, sales, and after-sales services will satisfy customers. It is also difficult to manage sales personnel and customers in a timely and effective manner so as to increase the enthusiasm of the sales staff and reduce the loopholes in which business personnel misappropriate public funds and customers with low creditworthiness and account repayments.

(2) The phenomenon of untimely delivery is widespread. The contract compliance rate is not high. Due to the shortage of power in recent years, the demand for transformers has increased, and orders for transformer manufacturers have generally increased. However, one of the problems that comes with this is that many companies are not able to deliver goods in a timely manner and the rate of contract compliance is low. There are both reasons for the lack of production capacity, as well as the reasons for the lack of liquidity, and the reasons for the tight supply of silicon steel sheets in the past two years. Under normal circumstances, delivery is not affected most by production capacity. In fact, in many cases, it is not true that production capacity is really insufficient, and production capacity is often not well balanced.

(3) Low level of digital design and manufacturing In the design, computer-aided drawing and calculation of electromagnetic programs using Excel are many, but computer programs are rarely used for computer-aided design (CAD) in the real sense. There are fewer three-dimensional CAD designs. Only CAD in the true sense can effectively reduce design costs and improve design efficiency and ensure design quality.

(4)Quality problems prevailed, and the product's one-time qualification rate was low. Due to the imperfect quality system, the IS09001 quality assurance system could not be truly implemented. Except for individual enterprises such as Jinan Siemens, most companies did not implement six Sigma quality management methods. Therefore, the qualified rate of transformer finished product test at one time is low, and most of them are lower than the quality level of Three Sigma. Therefore, there are many rework phenomena and the quality cost remains high. The defect rate for the quality level requirement of Three Sigma is 0.27%, that is, the qualification rate is 99.73%, not to mention the six sigma quality levels. It requires a defect rate of 3.4ppm and almost zero defects.

(5) Accounts receivable and stocks occupy a large proportion of funds. The liquidity is tight. Due to the impact of rising raw material prices, the price of transformers has increased in the past two years. Coupled with the increase in the number of orders, many companies have tight liquidity. From the internal perspective of the company, many of the reasons for the tight liquidity of enterprises are due to the large proportion of accounts receivable and funds used for inventory, resulting in insufficient cash flow.

(6) Low level of supply management Many transformer manufacturing companies do not have a good supply relationship, no win-win thinking, and even basic business procedures are not perfect. If there is a lack of contracts, the supply work loopholes are numerous and losses are easily caused to the company. There is almost no supply chain management. With the help of enterprise informatization, we can make full use of the company's resource information, conduct business process reorganization, change the organization and management mode of the company, introduce modern management concepts, and make decision-making rational and scientific, so as to effectively solve the above problems.

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