How does the inverter air conditioner save power? Household inverter air conditioner use skills

Frequency conversion is to change the power supply frequency. The Inverter air conditioner is a frequency converter added to the structure of the conventional air conditioner. The compressor is the heart of the air conditioner, and its speed directly affects the efficiency of the air conditioner. The inverter is the control system used to control and adjust the speed of the compressor, so that it is always in the optimal speed state, thus improving the energy efficiency ratio (rather than the conventional one). Air conditioning energy saving 20% ​​to 30%). The most important thing for consumers is the energy-saving performance of inverter air conditioners. Because energy-saving and power-saving bring about real electricity expenditure savings, then inverter air conditioners can save electricity. How much can inverter air conditioners save us? The following is a simple analysis for you. :

Inverter air conditioner power saving principle

The principle of inverter air conditioner is to add a frequency converter to the structure of conventional air conditioner. The heart of the compressor air conditioner directly affects the efficiency of the air conditioner. The inverter air conditioner inverter is a control system used to control and adjust the compressor speed. It can automatically select the heating, cooling and dehumidifying operation modes according to the ambient temperature, so that the living room can quickly reach the required temperature in a short time, and the temperature difference fluctuates with low temperature and low energy consumption, achieving fast and energy saving. And comfortable temperature control.

Inverter air conditioner saves 30%-50% than conventional air conditioner

Each time the inverter air conditioner starts to start, it uses the maximum power and maximum air volume to heat or cool. After quickly approaching the set temperature, the compressor runs at low speed and low energy consumption, only at the required power. Maintaining the set temperature, not only the temperature is stable, but also avoids the decay of the life caused by the frequent opening and closing of the compressor, and the power consumption is greatly reduced, achieving high efficiency and energy saving. The number of frequency conversion air conditioners is much lower than the number of fixed frequency air conditioner switches. The fixed frequency air conditioner consumes a lot of energy when it is turned on. AC inverter air conditioners save 30% of electricity compared to fixed-frequency air conditioners, while DC inverter air conditioners save 50%.

Inverter air conditioner power saving tips

Whether the air conditioner saves electricity or not has a great relationship with the "operating rate", the most power consumption at startup, so do not switch the machine frequently; the temperature adjustment is also stressful, the cooling height is 1 °C, and the heating temperature is 2 °C, which can save electricity. More than 10%, and almost no difference in temperature. In the summer, direct sunlight can save about 5% of electricity, so you can pull up the curtains when using the air conditioner, or add a shaded cloak on the balcony. In addition, we must also ensure that the air outlet is kept smooth, do not stack the enlarged pieces of furniture to block heat dissipation, the air outlet design should be reasonable, keep the indoor cold air flow, even and sufficient.

Inverter air conditioner is more energy-efficient than the general air conditioner in terms of design principle. However, the specific saving depends on the air conditioning environment and frequency of use. Generally speaking, the longer the continuous use time, the more energy-efficient the inverter air conditioner. At present, inverter air conditioners are gradually replacing traditional fixed-frequency air conditioners, becoming the mainstream of market development and saving more for users. Use frequency conversion to save energy and save money!

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