Wireless RF technology in smart home applications

Many people are envious of smart home life, but because they live in old houses, many wirings are not considered, so I don't know how to achieve this smart life. In fact, another smart home technology that we are going to talk about today - home radio frequency technology - should be specially prepared for houses that have been renovated but not pre-wired.

Radio frequency technology is a short-range, low-complexity, low-power, low-data-rate, low-cost wireless communication technology. The advantage of this technology is that some products do not need to be re-routed, using point-to-point RF technology to achieve control of home appliances and lighting, installation and setup are more convenient, mainly used to achieve control of certain appliances or lights, the cost is moderate. This type of system has weak functions, a relatively simple control method, and is susceptible to interference and shielding from surrounding wireless equipment environments, especially the same frequency and obstruction; it is more suitable for newly renovated households and renovated households.

This is the difference between wired and wireless networks mentioned in our home network . Wireless network technology can also set up a home LAN without wiring. The radio frequency technology is a point-to-point transmission of high-frequency wireless frequencies (315 or 433.92 MHz) to realize remote control functions of lights, curtains, and home appliances. This kind of technology is very suitable for users who have already been renovated, without pre-wiring, and will not damage the beauty of the original home.

Using products based on radio frequency technology, we can connect all the appliances in the home into a network. We call it a smart home wireless network. In this network, we can remotely control and let every cold electric appliance obey us. .

There are many electrical appliances in the home, lighting, refrigerators, air conditioners, computers, home theaters... Some of them have remote control capabilities, such as air conditioners, TV sets... some do not have remote control functions, such as water heaters, microwave ovens, rice cookers, The refrigerator...and the different remote control devices have different remote controls, which are not universal with each other, so there are four or five light remote controls at home. So how do you remotely control a device that does not have a remote control function? And how to make a remote control realize the functions of multiple remote controllers? From the above introduction, we know that products based on radio frequency technology can help us solve these problems, but how are they implemented?

The smart home wireless network mainly includes a home gateway and several wireless communication sub-nodes. There is a wireless transmitting module on the home gateway, and each child node is connected with a wireless network receiving module. Through these wireless network transceiver modules, data is transmitted between the gateway and the child nodes.

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